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What Thinks You?

Do you feel like stretching the brain muscle a bit today? Ever wonder how to get around the conventional HR thinking? Or maybe you just want to spend a few minutes a day challenging your thinking?

I have the book for you: What thinks you?: A Fool’s Eye View of Human Resources by Broc Edwards of the Fool With A Plan blog.

I read a lot of books but I don’t often write reviews because honestly many of them can’t keep my attention long enough to finish it (no its not ADD, its poor writing).  “What Thinks You” is a short book (barely 200 pages) but  it was a slow read because I had to pause to stop and scribble thoughts in my notebook (yes I write out notes in a physical notebook).

Broc’s book is a series of edited posts from his blog that are thoughtful and provocative. Unlike a lot of writing (I include my own)  Broc’s posts come across as well thought out and contemplative instead of the typical reaction to the latest topic du jour. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that type of writing but sometimes it’s good to read stuff that makes you think and challenges you to think differently about your world.  That’s how I found myself taking much longer then I thought to read a short book.

There are too many favorite chapters/posts to list or describe individually so instead I’m going to leave you with some questions/thoughts that came across my mind as I read the book:

  1. How does Broc read my mind and articulate my thoughts so  well and then take it in a completely different direction?
  2. Yes but…
  3. What a cool perspective on…
  4. I never thought of it that way
  5. Why do companies still continue to treat their front line employees like crap (low pay/crappy benefits) when there are successful companies doing it differently?
  6. On confusing flash for substance –We do this all the time in our personal lives and at work.  Why do we think throwing money at the latest something will solve our problems?
  7. What is the line between great customer service and enabling lazy people?
  8. How can I be more rocky road and less vanilla?
  9. Model for my next revision of the employee handbook – the Constitution

So you can see the book covers not only HR but also organizations and individuals in a thought provoking and easy to read way.  I absolutely recommend the book.

Click here to buy it:

Next week the reMix is on labor day vacation. I’ll be back on Tuesday September 3rd with a new look and new content! 

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what thinks you? – book review | fool (with a plan) August 22, 2013 at 8:29 am

[…] review of ”what thinks you? a fool’s eye view of human resources” over at HR reMix. She has nice things to say about the book, but more important are the thoughts and questions it […]

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