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Welcome To The Freak Show

Yes, I’m referring to the American Presidential election.  It is a freak show.  There are so many hot topics to keep track of:  plagiarized speeches, pay for play allegations and walls.  It’s not as if serious issues like terrorism, the national debt and police brutality are more pressing but never mind all that, lets focus on building walls!freak-show-ticket


As tempting as it is to stay away from politics, we will only continue to see more of these issues popping up in our workplace.  I wrote a post on this for PIC last week detailing some of the lessons we can take away from the current election. Here’s a quick snippet:

As our relationship with work changes, people’s expectations of the organization will continue to change.  That means we have to heed the lessons we’re seeing in this election: be off the cuff, word of mouth is best, shrug off mistakes and forget the two hour meetings.

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