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Wearable Technology At Work

If it seems like everyone is wearing a Fitbit or a smart watch, you aren’t completely imagining it.  According to a recent report, 21 million items were sold in the wearable technology category (Pebble, Fitbit, smart watch, etc;) in 2014 and the sector anticipates a 48% compound annual growth rate.  Right now the biggest users are fitness oriented people who use the technology to track their heart rate and other markers of physical health.

In the workplace, we are seeing employers utilize this technology in wellness programs which give employees discounts on their health insurance rates and using these to track and compare walking/fitness challenges.

All pretty cool stuff that seems to be centralized in the health/fitness area.  But a little bit of digging and the applications are endless as well as the legal and ethical implications.

Over at Performance I Create, I did a deep dive into wearable technology and future implications for the workplace.  Here is a quick snippet:

“The ethics and privacy concerns lead to a bigger question of how to obtain employee consent to view and use private information. For the cause of lower health insurance premiums many employees will willingly give up their right to privacy…. but are they truly, willingly giving up that right? Some may argue that lower heath care premiums are coercive or the fact that the employer will have the data itself is co-receive and therefore employees can’t willingly enter into an agreement.


Click over to PIC to read the rest of my post: PIC Reports: Wearable Technology.

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