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The Your Turn Challenge

The Your Turn Challenge is simple:

seven blog posts in seven days that share my perspective


I have barely written on this blog lately and I’ve now committed to posting for the next seven days.  Considering that at my peak I could barely write 2-3 posts a week I must be crazy.


The truth is I started out this year with grand ambitions to write daily and publish posts 2-3 times a week on my blog.  That hasn’t happened.  I can say that I’ve slightly increased how much I write each week by journaling but I spend too much time on my own and I want my writing to connect me with people.


Forcing myself to write for the next seven days is an exercise that I hope will get my creative juices flowing and improve my writing.  I want to accomplish two things:

  1. Get myself into a writing and publishing routine
  2. Connect with people interested in talking about organizations, talent and human development.


The next seven days are going to get real interesting.  I hope you stick around for the fun. To learn more about the Your Turn Challenge follow the hashtag #yourturnchallenge .

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By the way, I wrote a little piece for Performance I Create today titled “Is your FU Attitude Right For Your Employer?” Here is a quick snippet:

 [blockquote source=]”Change is great but not everyone views it that way. In some ways change means saying F*** You to the people that don’t want to ride along.”[/blockquote]

Click here to read the rest.

 See you tomorrow!


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