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Three Years, Three Trips to the Finals #DefendTheLand

By the time LeBron took his “talents to South Beach” my husband and I had taken our talents out of state as well. LeBron did what many people from the Northeast Ohio area do. You leave Cleveland for warmer weather and better opportunities.

As long as I can remember, Cleveland, the Northeast Ohio region, was the mistake on the lake. We’re the city whose river caught on fire, the first city who went bankrupt and on and on.

And then there is our unique brand of sports misery: red right 88, the drive, the fumble, etc, you get the point.

To be a Cleveland fan is to be part of a unique, maddening fraternity of people bonded through shared misery.

When the Cavs won game 7 last year there was a pause after the buzzer, even some of the Cavs players paused, the pause was “wait…is it really over? Is the clock going to get reset? Was there a flag on the play?  Did we actually win?” any number of irrational thoughts played out in our heads because we couldn’t believe that we won.

And that is being a Cleveland sports fan: we are shocked in the good times and catastrophize every bump in the road. Just follow us on Twitter during the Browns season, we rapidly vacillate from naïve hope in the beginning of the season to crippling anger and depression by the end of the year.

Only Cleveland’s unique history can inspire this:


Who Would Move Back to Cleveland?

As “decision 2.0” chatter heated up, I was packing our house up and getting ready to join my husband in Cleveland.  Whenever I told people “I’m moving back to Cleveland.” I would get shocked looks and a lot of “why???” 

Hold One Second For a Cleveland Tourism Pitch

I get that reaction if you were stuck in Cleveland during one of our lake effect snow events or you came to a Browns game in a Steelers jersey and sat in the Dawg Pound, but the rest of you? What’s your excuse?

There are a lot of people who still have a negative opinion of our town…I encourage you to come visit us this summer. We have a beautiful lake, a vibrant park system, excellent restaurants and museums and a thriving arts and theater scene. Seriously, it’s nice. Come visit!

Sorry, Back to Tonight

So, here we are three years later and we’ve been through two amazing championship runs and ready to embark on a third. For the third straight year we are heavy underdogs and sure we have LeBron, but it may not be enough.

Tonight, I’ll be headed to the Q with friends and I’ll be wearing my “lucky” t-shirt in the hope it brings the same good luck it did last year during the Finals (check out my Instagram for all the details on that).

I have no idea how it will end. I know the world thinks we’re going to lose and could even get swept but I have hope.

The fact that I wrote the above sentence “we’ve been through two amazing championship runs and ready to embark on a third” is amazing to me.

I’m optimistic. I’ll take LeBron in any fight.

Cavs in 7!

You Win With People

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