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I Surprise Myself Sometimes

Here we are at day number 6 of the Your Turn Challenge and I’m still writing.  This may be the first ever blog post I have published on a Saturday.  The last few days I haven’t focused so much on the Challenge questions because I’ve had plenty of HR topics to write about but today I just don’t want to talk about HR, instead I’ll focus on today’s question:


Tell us about a time your surprised yourself. 


Well, there are two times in my life when I’ve surprised myself. The first time was when I decided to move back home to Cleveland but that topic has already been covered on the blog (click here to see me talk about my decision).  The second time I shocked myself was when I started running, signed up for a 10K and ended up running 6.2 miles.


This was surprising for a number of reasons:

1.  I’m not a fan of exercise or even sweating

2. 6.2 miles is a lot

3. I have asthma and always assumed I couldn’t run.


Don’t worry I didn’t completly lose my mind,  I’m not running marathons or even 1/2 marathons but I did find myself on a very chilly morning running 5 miles as part of my training in the freezing cold and had to stop for a minute just to comprehend the fact that yes I was doing this.


Like a lot of things my interest in running started because I was bored. I had joined a gym to burn some calories and was rapidly getting bored.  My company ended up sponsoring a corporate 4 miler and I joined the training team because why not? It got me out of bed early on a Saturday.   Well I ran the 4 miler and kind of liked it.


So I signed up for a 10k.  The training started in the winter but winters in Richmond aren’t nearly as cold as Cleveland so I didn’t sweat it.  Well it turns out that early mornings in February/March can actually be quite chilly. I found myself one morning with the temps at 30 degrees preparing to run. Despite my worries about the cold and my asthma I did fine. I wasn’t the fastest runner (I never am) but I ran 5 miles on cold ass morning and didn’t keel over from an asthma attack or exhaustion.


I didn’t survive my run with a special mantra or play list,  instead it was just good trainers, taking care of myself (taking my meds regularly) and determination.


What about you? When you have done something that surprised you? 

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