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Supporting Black History Month

February is Black History Month and consistent with the last few years that I’ve been a blogger, this Black History month I was stuck on what to write. Like many, I want to show my support, especially in our current political environment but wasn’t sure quite what that support looked like.

On the advice of a good friend, I decided to tell a story about a time I heard the N-word and how that changed me and shaped my future behavior. It’s a heavy story, but its important that I tell it. We can say that we support equality and condemn racism but those are just words.

What happens when prejudice and bigotry hit you in the face? In your home? What happens when someone makes a bigoted comment in front of you? In my experience, THAT is where the rubber hits the road.  Do you stay silent because you don’t want to make a scene? Or do you speak up?

My Story

This week I wrote on PIC about this kind of experience, here is a quick snippet:

But he didn’t edit himself, he said the whole word while laughing, and she laughed too as if it was all a joke.

I was appalled and looked at my boyfriend like, “What the fu*k? Did you hear that?”. And he did that weird, uncomfortable laugh, that we all know too well.  I was shocked when he tried to defend his friend!

And, I was even more shocked because it sounded like my boyfriend was embarrassed by my response and not his friend’s words!

Click over to PIC to read the rest: The First Time I Heard The N-Word. 

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