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Performance Doesn’t Happen Without Accountability

We need more accountability.  We need it from our politicians,  our leaders,  our friends and of course – ourselves. If you want to move your organization further, get better results or just make it a nicer place to work we have to push for accountability.  That means we (HR) have to take on the bully in XYZ department that everybody is afraid of. Or maybe it means we have to work closely with line managers on how to have tough performance conversation with someone who is really nice but just isn’t cutting it right now.  I’ve been ruminating on this topic for a while now and wrote a piece on it over at PIC, here is a quick snippet:

“Too often we fail to hold ourselves or others accountable because we want to avoid tough conversations.

Maybe it’s with a direct report that is going through a tough time, you feel bad for their plight but they just aren’t producing good material like they have in the past.  You want to move them to a lower profile project until things settle down but…

Or maybe it’s a co-worker that you like as a person. They are a great person but they’ve been slacking lately and you really need them to get their s*** done so you can finish your project.

These are tough situations because there typically isn’t a clear answer to what should be done. The knee jerk reaction from some of us is “tell them their work sucks and be done with it!” others may cite the extenuating circumstances…”

Click over to PIC for the rest.

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