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A New Chapter and A New Home

This Was My Home Office At One Point
This was my home office at one point during the move.

I’ve just been through the exhilarating and exhausting process of buying a new home, closing and moving.


Did I mention that I also moved 400 miles from Virginia to Ohio?


If you are a regular reader you already know that but I haven’t written anything in a while so I figure I need to refresh your memories.


So I moved, bought another house and thought that by taking three whole days off work I would have my house set up…Ha!


That wasn’t nearly enough time for me. I woke up every morning of our move stressing out about something only to come to the reluctant conclusion that I would not be able to get everything set up just the way I wanted in time for Monday.


Moving into a new house and adjusting to a new town isn’t easy. It is basically starting all over again, except in my case the job was the same. In fact the easiest part of my move was the fact that my job was stable: same manager, same team, same job, just in my living room instead of a nerve-wracking drive down 95.


At one point during move-in week I had to pause and come to the conclusion that the goals I set were un-realistic. Notice I said “the goals I set?” Yea, that’s because my husband was fully aware that my goals were crazy and  unrealistic but went along with them anyway….he’s sweet like that.


I finally paused late Saturday afternoon and realized that I had, with the help of family and friends, actually accomplished quite a bit and that perhaps I was entitled to relax. And that is what I did. I watched football on the couch and periodically napped throughout the day.That’s right I relaxed and enjoyed my house, my family and friends.


You should try it some time.


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By the way…this brief update is my way of saying that I’m back.  I took a longer than expected break but it was necessary. Later this week I will be writing about employee lifecycle and next week I’ll be chatting about organizational change. No more relaxing on the blog front!


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Christopher Fields October 29, 2014 at 10:27 am

Yes, relax a bit more. Nothing is that serious. Glad it’s working out.

Ben Eubanks October 30, 2014 at 6:47 am

Welcome back, amiga!

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