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Ever since I can remember I’ve had a voracious curiosity about anything and everything. My favorite topics go well beyond the conventional topics we see daily in our organizations. When I was younger my consumption of media mainly consisted of books, books and more books. As the youngest in a four person household I didn’t usually get to choose the TV shows.

Today I can consume much more than books:

  • Podcasts
  • TV shows
  • Documentaries

Typically, I jot down lines/quotes/thoughts I have while watching/listening. Sometimes these end up as blog posts and other times I forget completely why I wrote down that quote or thought.

Inspired by this post from Derek Sivers I’ve decided to make a better effort at collecting  notes on the media I consume and publishing it here. I’m hopeful this will cut down on how long it takes me to read a book and write a review on it…if you read HrRemix you know how sporadic the book reviews can be.

So, this first attempt will start with some links to book reviews I’ve written in the past and going forward it will contain links to notes pages on various media I’m consuming this week. Don’t worry, you won’t get an episode by episode recap of Game of Thrones, I will try to keep this to topics directly or indirectly related to work, organizations, technology or culture.


Orbiting the Giant Hairball (Book Review)

How Will You Measure Your Life (Book Review)

Lean In (Book Review)

Reality Based Leadership (Book Review) 

The Rare Find (Book Review) 

Linchpin (Book Review) 

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