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I AM HR – Book Review

Can you gain insight into the past and future of HR in a book that takes a 1/2 hour to read?


The answer is yes. The book is “I Am HR” by Laurie Ruettimann.” In it she gives us a brief (thankfully) overview of HR’s negative reputation and quickly moves into the future of HR: it isn’t just populated with Laurie, its you and me and anyone else who is striving to make our organizations successful. 


If you aren’t already familiar with Laurie Ruettimann, here is  a quick summary:

  • Corporate HR lady turned Punk Rock HR blogger (blogging before blogging was cool) turned HR speaker and consultant
  • A wickedly insightful writer who will likely offend or upset you at some point
  • Lover of cats


Laurie’s book is a short deep dive into how HR can re-claim HR from the consultants and outsourcing firms trying to woo our CEO’s. You may be working in a small HR shop and think consultants aren’t coming after your job but think about how you felt when a re-organization was announced and no one thought to consult anyone from HR? Ticked off? Frustrated that no one sees you as a valid business partner? Laurie’s book offers information HR pro’s in any organization can use to build credibility and influence the company in a positive way.


Each chapter is a suggestion on how you can do that:

  1. Build a global network
  2. Be an expert in business strategy
  3. Master the difference between workforce planning and workforce acquisition
  4. Be a leader in executive compensation and strategy
  5. Understand labor relations and risk
  6. Demonstrate expertise in business forecasting


In each section Laurie provides helpful tips and gives you the names of great HR pro’s you can reach out to for help. I’ve met a few of these people and would concur.  The Steve Browne’s, Robin Schooling’s and Kris Dunn’s of the HR space are great people who love to connect and will connect with HR pro’s.


You can read this book in 15 minutes or less but the insight and suggestions will keep you busy networking, learning and in the process pushing your organization and HR team into the future. Be sure to check it out!


 (FYI, I am not paid to write reviews but I did receive a free copy of the book….that doesn’t guarantee a good review though, I simply don’t take the time to write a review if I don’t like the book). 

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