Getting Out of the HR Box

Many of you may know me from my blog HrRemix. I love that blog. I’ve met amazing people through that blog. Its sparked fantastic conversations and great friendships. But its on hold. Truthfully its been on hold for a while now. I’ve posted sporadically but never enough to really get and keep an audience like I had in the beginning.

When I tried to restart the remix, I had no energy. I didn’t have any enthusiasm. It felt like I was going through the motions; the truth is that HrRemix didn’t fit me any more.

I want to move beyond traditional HR, I want to explore organizational effectiveness, design, marketing, and the social, political and economic environments that our organizations exist in.

I’ve Outgrown HrRemix.

I started HrRemix in 2011. That was 7 years ago and I was in a vastly different position and place in life. Seven years later and with 10+ years of HR experience, I lead the HR team for a Performance Aftermarket company based in Ohio. I spend my days jumping from compliance to employee relations to long term strategy.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen that it is not enough to know how the business works, you must understand the interaction between work and human behavior. The most-recent example of this occurred when United Airlines decided to change its incentive plan (read all the details here), needless to say the employees did not appreciate going from a quarterly payout to a lottery scheme.

A traditional HR blog that focuses on management 101, just doesn’t interest me anymore. And I feel the same about traditional HR.

Traditional HR Isn’t Cutting It

In one of my most popular posts on HrRemix I talked about how I wanted work to suck less. I also talked about how I wanted to rehab HR’s image.

I still want to do that but I’m not sure traditional HR is the way to do that. Too often, we (HR) operate in our own silo where we can’t or won’t acknowledge the realities our organizations and our people are facing today:

  • 90% of us work at a for-profit company – we can’t ignore that our companies need to make money; but we can’t use that as an excuse for illegal and unethical behavior
  • The people who work at our companies aren’t robots (at least not yet). They are people, they are adults and we should treat them as such
  • Leadership is tough, spans of control are widening but you must coach and develop your people or you risk losing your best people
  • We all have a computer in our pocket but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

A Couple Questions I Want To Explore

  • How can all of this “stuff” – business, people, profits and technology work together for mutual benefit?
  • How can organizations and the people that work for them be more effective?
  • How can we drive a mutually-beneficial relationship between people and our organizations? Is that even possible?

So yea, I’ve decided to take on some meaty topics in the coming weeks and months. You can expect I’ll be posting at least once a week, maybe twice, with the aim to inform and challenge us to think differently about our environment and our organizations.


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