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Carnival of HR – Your Break From The Summer Heat

Yowza! It is blazing hot here in Ohio this summer! We are on week two without rain…and when you live near Lake Erie that is definitely something to celebrate!

Some take a look at the heat wave and complain but I embrace the heat. I soak it up with the hope that during the winter the memories will keep me warm. Have I mentioned we have cold winters here? Um yea check out my instagram.

Anyway, you did not come here for my musings of the climate of Northeast Ohio. You came here for fantastic content in the space of HR, Leadership and a host of other wonderful HR topics. And this week did not fail to deliver with the future workplace and diversity and inclusion being hot topics. Not to worry, we also have fantastic posts on technology, recognition, resignation and leadership.

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The Future of the Workplace:

Robin Schooling: Advocating for the Workplace Revolution. Bonus: Ass in Chair Inc.

Laura Schroeder shares some fantastic insights into how HR can embrace the Gig Economy in her two part series: HR & the Gig Economy & Is HR Ready to be GIGantic?

Learning & Development leaders Jon Turner at EY, Tom Rynkowski at Intel Corporation, and Emma Arlow at Just Eat share insights on how they’re future-proofing their organization for whatever comes next: How Learning Can Future Proof Your Organization.

Diversity & Inclusion:

Judith Lindenberger gives us a good perspective on what should be included in the Starbucks bias training, this is great, practical information: Starbucks Provides Anti-Bias Training

Katee Van Horn gives us a great insight into the social cost women take on when they negotiate salary: Social Cost of Negotiating. and how to negotiate salary: Negotiating Her Salary.

Don’t Just Change Your Logo To Rainbow Colors for Pride Month From Latonya Wilkins, Talent Management and Workforce Development Director out of Chicago, IL. She recently made a splash at SHRM National and DisruptHR Chicago.

After all these years Dave Ryan is an observant and introspective as ever. Here Dave examines the true nature of what it means to be an immigrant: Immigration, Hard Work and the American Dream

Recognition and Resignations:

Julie Winkle Giulioni: Rethinking Your Response When An Employee Resigns

Prasad Kurian gives us some insight and analysis on defining and celebrating hero’s in our organizations with: The Curious Case of ‘herophobia’.


Naomi Bloom brings us a fantastic perspective on leadership and personal accountability with her post: The Cavalry isn’t coming: “We the people” Are Our Only Defense.

Dorthy Dalton has some sage advice on how to not be a toxic boss: Seven Tips to Avoid Being a Toxic Boss.

HR Tech:

Kimberley Carroll at the Voice of HR blog shares with us her advice for how to keep the “service” part of SaaS: We Need to Remember the ‘Service’ in SaaS.


Sabrina Baker helps us figure out how to recover from rapid organizational growth with this post: Three Ways to Recover From Growing a Small Business Too Fast.

Helo Tamme helps us figure out how we can demonstrate that sometimes the grass is greener at your current job with: Five Ways to Help Your Grass Look Greener.

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