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Carnival of HR – Pre #SHRM17 Edition

This time of year, the HR conference season is in full swing and if you can’t make a major conference, you can still attend vicariously through other attendees on social media.  A few weeks ago, I followed the #WorkHuman conference on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and next week, I’ll do the same with the national SHRM conference taking place in New Orleans.

This week I have a fantastic selection of HR related posts that cover all the bases from technology to leadership and even some compliance posts. This is the carnival you need to keep you HR-satiated until the SHRM festivities kick off on Sunday.

Oh, and there is even a SHRM party guide at the end!


Hot Topic of the Year: Technology’s Effect on the Workforce:

From Mike Haberman’s (@MikeHaberman) Omega HR Solutions Blog: Redesigning How We See This World

From Dorothy Dalton (@DorothyDalton) : Is The Automated Interview The Future?

From Jesse Lyn Stoner (@jesselynstoner ): Career Mobility Forces Organizations of the Future To Transform  

From Yvonne LaRose (@Vivavoce) : The Evolution of Work

Important Reminders on the HR Compliance Front:

From Stuart Rudner (@CanadianHRLaw) a timely reminder: Don’t Judge a Relationship by It’s Title: Miss-classification of Employees as Contractors

From Judy Lindenberger at The Lindenberger Group: Mistakes Managers Make That Can Get Your Company Sued.

On Leadership:

From Wally Bock (@wallybock ): Leadership! You Can’t Do It That Way! You’re 40 Feet Tall!

From Julie Giulioni (@Julie_WG): Battling the Bulge: Handling the Expectations of Too Many Employees for Too Few Promotions

Remember Those “Resources” Are People Too

How HR & learning and development can help reduce employee stress: Three Strategies for Reducing Workplace Stress and Anxiety from Darren Shimkus (@DarrenShimkus )

From the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog: Organizations As Social Systems

HR’s Bad Reputation is Discouraging Me from an HR Career via Ben Eubanks (@beneubanks )

Katee Van Horn reminds us to stay away from politics and religion at work in: Remember Your Manners

From Derek Zeller: A Bar, Being Human, and Being Social; Sourcing in a New World  

From Keirsten Greggs (@K_Alea ) and Performance I Create: Paid Off Time For Activism is a Real Thing

Oh! And here’s that list of  SHRM17 parties! Enjoy!

The Unofficial Party Guide, Cocktails & Reception List via Workology


Make sure to follow the official SHRM17 Conference Hashtag: #SHRM17

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[…] Carnival of HR – Pre #SHRM17 Edition […]

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[…] Carnival of HR – Pre #SHRM17 Edition […]

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