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Carnival of HR – Post-Primary Hangover Edition

I_Voted_OhioIn an early preview of November’s presidential battle, excuse me, election, I voted yesterday in Ohio’s presidential primaries. Now, depending on last night’s outcome you might have a political hangover (it’s only March?) or are trying to figure what country you can immigrate to. 

But hey, don’t worry about immigrating, if Trump gets elected President it’s only for four years!

But enough about politics, let me provide you with some distraction from politics and work. Without further ado here is what’s on tap for this month’s carnival:

Heather Kinzie (@LeadingSolution) kicks us off with an excellent post on leadership: The higher up you get, the more your butt is exposed

Stephanie Hammerwold (@hrhammer ), gives us some important pointers on interview bias with her post: How To Overcome Interviewer Bias

Clevelander (okay former but once a Clevelander always a Clevelander) Tim Gardner (@thehrintrovert) draws insightful parallels between our current slate of candidates and the state of diversity in our organizations with this great post: What The US Elections Tell Us About The State of Diversity and Inclusion

Derek Zeller (@derdriver ) delivers a touching post to us on humanity in the workplace with: A Simple Question: A Complicated Answer- The Interview

Wally Bock (@wallybock)  gives us some great recommendations on how to start your own leadership club with:Leadership Book Clubs

Jesse Lyn Stoner (@JesseLynStoner) brings us a great piece on how leaders and team members can take responsibility for their own participation with: Do You Serve Your Team or Are You A Self-Serving Team Member?

On the compliance side (@CanadianHRLaw) Stuart Rudner brings us an informative post on Requiring Medical Evidence of Ability to Return to Work  

Leanne Morris of Carter Morris, sends a strong message on humanity in the workplace with her post The Warfare of Divorce From Work.  

John Hunter encourages us to learn about communicating effectively with is post: Seek To Improve How You Learn, Don’t Just Accept That You Can’t Do Better

You know Chris Fields’ CostofWork? Well, it’s still around and l putting out some pretty good and thought provoking content. This year is he talking about race relations, check out The Intersection of Racism and Poverty.

Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) reminds us to be intentional with our interactions.  Eye contact matters! The Eyes Have It

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