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America’s Vacation Problem

Destin, Florida. One of my favorite places to spend time off!

When was the last time you took your vacation time and disconnected? You know, didn’t check your email or text or Slack?

How about the last time you took an entire week off work? Two weeks?

I’m headed to Asia later this year and I started to get hives when I thought about taking 7-10 days off. What would happen if I wasn’t available?

The anxiety I’m feeling isn’t uncommon in the United States, despite a ton of information that taking vacation is actually good for you, American’s don’t take their vacation.

So, what’s up with that? Why don’t we take our vacation? How can HR pro’s help fix this situation? I’m over at PIC diving deep into this problem and its impact on our workforce, here’s a quick snippet:

There is a tangible cost saving to the company’s bottom line. The myth, that employees who use their vacation time are slackers who cost the company money in lost productivity, is false. In fact, according to this article on, by Kerri Ann Renzulli, sites research that says on average a company saves $1900 per employee who uses their vacation time.

Click over to PIC to read the rest: PIC Reports: America’s PTO Problem

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