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Short & Sweet:

This blog is about moving past traditional HR. On this blog I explore organizational effectiveness, design, marketing, and the social, political and economic environments that our organizations exist in.

The Extended Version

I’ve worked in a variety of HR positions (HRIS, recruiting, employee relations and leadership) for over a decade (check out my LI page for all the details). I started in the blogging space with a blog called HRreMix. It is a fantastic blog and a great place to find information about the HR basics:

  • Leadership
  • Improving HR
  • Hiring/Job Search

You won’t find any of the HR 101 stuff here. Instead, I’m trying to answer some tough questions:

  • How can business, people, profits and technology work together for mutual benefit?
  • How can organizations and the people that work for them be more effective?
  • Can we drive a mutually-beneficial relationship between people and our organizations? Is that even possible? I think it is.

What else?

Music Fanatic

Fan of all things Cleveland

Dog lover

Check out my Instagram for my silly side.

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