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Short & Sweet:

This blog is about moving past traditional HR. On this blog I explore organizational effectiveness, design, marketing, and the social, political and economic environments that our organizations exist in.

The Extended Version

I’ve worked in a variety of HR positions (HRIS, recruiting, employee relations and leadership) for over a decade (check out my LI page for all the details). I started in the blogging space with a blog called HRreMix. It was a fantastic blog and a great place to find information about the HR basics:

  • Managing Performance (yours or your teams)
  • Improving HR
  • Hiring/Job Search

If you’re interested in the HR 101 stuff make sure you check out the HRreMix category above.  The primary purpose for the rest of this site is to explore some tough questions:

  • How can business, people, profits and technology work together for mutual benefit?
  • How can organizations and the people that work for them be more effective?
  • Can we drive a mutually-beneficial relationship between people and our organizations? Is that even possible? I think it is.

What else?

Music Fanatic

Fan of all things Cleveland

Dog lover

Check out my Instagram for my silly side.

Want to continue to the conversation off line?

Email: Melissa.Fairman@gmail.com

Phone: 216.307.4926

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