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A Job Search Is Like Dating, Have You Shared Too Much?

It’s been said before (not sure by who) that finding a candidate to fill a job is a lot like dating. You meet a candidate, review their background, bring them in for an interview, maybe two or three, then decide if you want to continue the relationship by offering them a job.

In dating, you meet someone or get a “referral” from someone you know,  have a couple awkward conversations that hopefully get less awkward and then decide if you want to keep dating.

Pretty simple huh? Not anymore…with the advent of Facebook and Twitter,  your potential dates and potential employers, can now see a wealth of information about your past job history and past dating history.

Dating is fundamentally different because of Facebook and so is your job search.  As a candidate you are encouraged to network,  network,  network, both online and in person.  I am concerned that in a world where everything is becoming less and less private,  candidates can unwittingly open themselves up to over sharing their personal life, without realizing the ramifications.

At what point do you,  HR professional,  have to stop yourself from making a judgement on someone based on what you’ve seen on their Facebook page?

Think about it,  the more you learn about a candidate the more you may find to dislike:  politics,  religion,  reality TV. Personally I would not hire anyone that watches and likes any Kardashian reality TV show…just kidding of course.

My opinion? I don’t think recruiters and HR professionals should use your Facebook page or other information found digging around on the internet to disqualify you for a job.  Laurie Ruettimann,  lays out the case perfectly in her aptly titled post:  Don’t Facebook Me: Why You Shouldn’t Google During the Recruiting Process. It’s rare that I agree with someone 100% but in this case I do.  Who are we to criticize what you like on your Facebook page?  Especially considering how many people are great at hacking into your accounts and causing chaos.

The video below,  puts a comical spin on one candidates  social media usage and how navigating that can be a minefield,  there is a really funny part about four minutes and 40 seconds about Justin Bieber (thank you to The HR Capitalist blog and Ohio Employer’s Law Blog):


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